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Oldish Pics First

These, as you may gather are fairly old photographs, about 1980 I guess.  The 1st six  are of moi with a Yamaha US Custom XS250, a Honda Superdream 250N and a Suzuki X7.  The seventh being my brother Tony sitting on my 1st bike, a Suzuki TS 50 Trials
(a top speed of 30 mile per hour and occasionaly unable to pass an electric milk float).  Two of the pics are at the Great Orme, Llandudno, Wales, can you spot them? I Went camping with a mate of mine called Peter Cordell.  Notice the Vauxhall Viva in the background.

   Me with my brothers Yamaha XS 250                   Me on my Honda 250n Superdream

                      Me on my Suzuki X7

                                                                                     Tony on my Suzuki TS50

Me on a Harley In Milwalkee 2002


Recent Pics (After 2003)

Three or four years ago I became a born again biker after a 20 year gap, it just had to be done.  One day my brother came round to my house on a bike he has just bought (also after a 20 year gap of owning a motorcycle) and the spark was re-kindled.  He was riding a Yamaha Virago 1100.

So, I decided to get one myself, a little to the dismay of my wife Lyn.  I could not find an 1100 so I opted for the Yamaha Virago 535.  A little small I know but with a bit of touching up it looked great and sounded fantastic with a pair of JArdine exhausts.  So here they are.

The 1st two pics are how it looked when I first bought it.


  The 2nd and 3rd ones show how it looked after a bit of work.

The next 4 in order are:  Me in Elford, Staffordshire.  My Virago 535 and my brother's Virago 1100 (2 Hogs) at Dunstall Church, Staffordshire.  My bike at Bewdley, Shropshire (a popular bikers venue).  Tony, my brother on his Virago 1100.




Littleton Arms, Walsall, Annual Motorbike Show

Below are a couple of photographs from the 2004 Littleton Arms Annual Bike Show, in Walsall.  This pub has now unfortunately been knocked down to make way for a new by pass.  It was a great bikers venue, shame it had to go even though it was a listed building.

The first one shows my brother Tony and his son James standing by Tony's new Harley Sportster 883


New Bike Photos

Here are some photos of my new bike taken in March 2007.  The bike is a US import Suzuki VS800 Intruder.


Tony's Harley Sportster



Tony's Harley Davidson Night Train 1450 CC



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