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James Henry Miller 23.10.10 to 25.09.08

James Henry Miller, Jim Miller or Dusty Miller, these are the names my dad was known by. There may be others of which I am not aware but as far as I know these are the main names that people would refer to him as.

He lived for almost 98 years of which 45 (or 46 percent) of those years he was part of my life. He passed away on the 25th of September 2008 but he his still with us in our memories.

He left behind him his wife, Marion Miller, myself Peter Miller and two other sons Brian and Tony as well as other descendant family members.

So why have I dedicated this website to him ?

That is a fairly easy question to answer.

He had a fascinating, interesting and sometimes very hard life. He was born in difficult times in the first decade of the twentieth century, he lived through two world wars seeing active service in World War Two, he was a prisoner of war for five long years in a German prisoner of war camp, he escaped, returned home to a wife and son he had not seen for many years.

He then began to get his life back and in his 50's had two more sons. He retired at the age of sixty through ill health but lived for a further 37 years even managing to travel to Australia in his seventies to see a sister he had not seen for approximately fifty years.

Take a look at the header photograph, you see fireworks, these are used for celebrations, so this is a celebration of his life.

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