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As you can see the website is slowly coming together.  I Will be hitting the photo gallery and motorcycle sections soon.

07.05.08  Updated School teacher info on about page.  Info provided by an ex pupil called Amanda Wilkes. Thanks for the info.

  More family photographs added , plus links updated in photo gallery  on

10.05.07  Aegean and Adriatic Cruise 2006.  Photo's uploaded to Flickr

10.05.07  More photographs added to family photo's

20.03.07   More Photo Of Dad (James Henry Miller) Added To Site

16.03.07  Added photos of new bike under motorcycling + added photos of Prudence Marion Miller (Mom) and James Henry Miller (Dad) To Mom And Dad Page (Family Photos In Photo gallery) + Photos Of Mom On Family Photos, Mom Page

13.03.07 Photos of my dad James Henry Miller (From army days uploaded) to Family Photographs (

18.02.07  Uploaded band photos to Flickr (check the photo gallery and click on the links)

14.02.07  New photograph added to "About Me" (Harden Infant School)

11.02.07  Updated Links Page

04.02.07  Updated Motorcycling Page

02.02.07  Changed email address, check contact info

31.01.07  Started Motorcycle Page

30.01.07:  About Me Completed (I think), Blog Up And Running

25.01.07Ebay Links Added

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