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A quick intro.

Well, what's it all about then, basically it's about:

  • Me, My Family And Friends
  • What We Get Up To
  • Photographs From Around The World
  • Family Info (History, Family Tree) + Family Photographs
  • Motorcycles
  • Sales, Ebay
  • Latest News
  • Etc. Etc.

Flickr 1 Photo events and holidays from around the world

Flickr 2 HDR and some of my better photographic work

Blogger   General chit chat about life, travel, family etc  

Aminus3 New photoblog, somewhere to share what I consider to be my best photographs  

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Home:  Guess what?  You Are Already Here

About Me:  Well, you may have guessed by the title that this is a little bit about moi.  Only a little bit though, there are not enough pages to describe me so far     and you might fall asleep.  So, basically just a bit of background info, where I am from, when I am from, some bits in between, where I am at the moment and where I am going.

Photo Gallery:  Well, at my tender age of 43, you would expect there to be many photographs (if you assumed this to be true you would not be wrong) of  places visited (the banner pics will give you an indication of places visited and yes they are all mine).

I can't possibly show them all though (a sigh of relief goes out across the web world), there are far too many and once again you might fall asleep or navigate to another more interesting site.

So, this page is dedicated to my family photographs and all of the wonderful places in the world I have visited.  When I say "I", this on the majority of occasions, includes my wife (because one usually needs someone to carry the tackle and food provisions).                            


A very quick insight into places visited:  Many, many parts of Europe (inc. UK), North Africa and Asia, USA and soon, Canada/Alaska. 



Family InfoThis part speaks for itself really, it covers family news, announcements, history, interesting facts, family tree, photographs, blah blah blah.

So, whether you are related or not related I hope this section proves to be interesting.  Keep coming back, it will be updated regularly.

Also, hopefully it will provide a portal for other family and non family members to provide any additional relevant information.

Motorcycling:   My interest in motorcycles has been rekindled recently, well in the last 3 or 4 years, yeah ok ok I'm a born again biker.  I am not a sports bike enthusiast and have no interest in how fast the latest Suzi, Kwak or Yam goes, although a spin on one would be nice.

Nah! me I'm a plodder. Yep, I'm into cruisers and custom cruisers and have recently purchased a replacement for my Yamaha Virago 535.  I went back to Suzuki and bought an Intruder VS800 American Import.

So check this page out, it will be full of interesting links and photographs (I hope).  Oh yeah, I will of course be including other peoples bikes and related stories.


Local Area Info:   This is all about where I live, what's going on, area history, interesting facts, events diary, business links, there is bound to be some politics in there too (not). 

There should be something of interest for everyone.  If it's boring let me know, I may consider your point of view, if there is something you want adding to it please let me know, e.g. an event you want to advertise, links to your personal website, business website, blog etc etc.

Music:   Here you will find all things music that I like.  I am pretty sure it will hold interest for a lot of people including my "ROCK" loving amigos.  I have many varied tastes in music but the one genre that always calls me back is "ROCK".  Rock is king, long live Rock.

I aim to include many things to do with music, including, all time rock hits, my amigos favourite tracks, lyrics, band, male and female vocalists.  It is not going to be a quick build, it will be compiled while I still have air in my lungs.  It's not all about rock because there are other rewarding types of music, so I am open minded.

Links:   No, this is not an advertisement for a certain men's deodorant and it does not contain photographs of wild cats. It is essentially to advertise interesting links for all manner of things (clean ones of course).

So, just take a look, something may grab your attention.  It consists of websites that I have used or looked at and may prove to be useful or helpful to you.

On this page there is a link to my ebay sales.  This is all about what makes the world go round, you got it, "MONEY".  I am not asking for any donations, although, these would not be turned down.  It's just my little space for making an extra pound, dime, yen, call it what you like.

There will be things here you may wish to purchase.  Items here include:

  • Antiques
  • Collectables
  • Stuff I don't want anymore or no longer have a requirement for
  • Stuff that other people find interesting
  • Other interesting bits and pieces

Latest News:   Take a look here, it lets you know what is new on the site, what updates have been made, what additions have been made, all the latest news about me, my family and friends.

Contact Me:  You cam find my contact details here

So, Get Surfing



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